Mineral Casting

Mineral Casting UNPARALLELED Nano-polymer Mineral composite machine bases are made of nanometer mineral components (silica, alumina, calcium oxide, etc.) as cementing materials and high-quality granite and quartz sand as major materials and other additives like steel fiber by mixing the cementing material, aggregate, steel fiber and other additives in proportion through strict technological process and injected into the mold after being fully and evenly stirred. The mixture is then solidified and cooled for maintenance on the basis of the excellent self-leveling and self- compacting performance to form mineral composite parts containing metal embedded parts that meet the requirements for mechanical use. Material advantages and indexes: Excellent self-compacting performance Cast iron material: Low yield due to casting defects like pores and sand holes; Epoxy resin castings: The vibration platform or vibration must be used to boost compaction. Due to the limitation in production process, equipment and vibration assistance, it is difficult to produce large-size castings and achieve high-temperature resistance. Nano-polymer mineral castings: The cementing materials with nano-mineral composition feature strong fluidity, which greatly enhance the self-compacting performance of mineral castings. No vibration platform or pressure is needed to support casting, since the casting body has excellent porosity and compactness. All epoxy granite components (also called mineral casting or polymer concrete) are supported by ISO 9001 Certification. UNPARALLELED, byword for high-end ultra-precision machines, make your precision machine more advanced. 1.High End Material UNPARALLELED choose the best granite material---Jinan Black Granite and polymer to manufacture custom mechanical components for High-end precision machinery. UNPARALLED mineral casting with stable physical characteristics and nice physical properties. 2.Excellent thermal stability Its heat conduction is 1/20 of that of cast iron, and specific heat capacity 2. 1 folds of that of cast iron. Amid part machining on machine tools, temperature change is the major cause to dimension deviation. The change of ambient temperature, and the internal and external temperature change caused by the friction of moving and rotating parts and part machining are all the causes to thermal deformation. High specific heat and low thermal conductivity endow mineral castings with favorable thermal inertia, which effectively minimizes the geometric dimension error caused by the temperature impact, thereby improving the accuracy at a reasonable cost. 3.Environmental Protection UNPARALLELED mineral casting can save more granite material. UNPARALLELED can use waste marble materials for secondary processing and utilization, so as to save materials, reduce the exploitation of mineral resources, so as to achieve environmental protection; And in the process of mineral casting production, the whole process is pollution-free. 4.Short time period of supply Since the polymer mineral castings are made under room temperature, a small casting of less than 3 meters can be processed in only 5 days (without the need of aging). However, for traditional cast iron, it takes about 40 to 60 days to complete the casting (excluding the time of aging). Due to the high casting precision of polymer mineral castings, about 3/4 of the functional requirements are completed one time without further operation, which greatly shortens the time of processing, rapidly satisfies the customers' demands, and significantly reduces customers' investment in the long run. 5.Strong vibration absorption performance The damping of mineral castings over 10 folds that of steel and cast iron (vibration absorption parameter) with better performance of vibration absorption that can greatly absorb and attenuate the vibration from outside. In the cutting process, it brings excellent surface machining quality and higher machining accuracy, and also increases the service life of cutting tools. 6.Slight elastic strain Through creep test, the accuracy change and creep are extremely low under external force and self-weight load, which causes no influence on the machine tool structure in a short time. Under the on-load test, no significant dimensional change is found in long-term test. 7.Keep higher precision than cast iron Since the casting at room temperature will not produce internal stress and external shrinkage caused by sharp temperature changes, a higher dimensional accuracy can be obtained. Mineral castings are formed at one time without machining. The external dimension of lathe bed and column can be controlled within 0.3 mm, and the hole- spacing error can be controlled within 0.015 mm/1000mm. The semi-finishing and finishing can be carried out directly, which lowers processing costs and greatly improves production efficiency. BRANDUNPARALLELEDMATERIALBlack Granite and polymer APPLICATIONCNC, Laser machinesDENSITY2700kg/m3 CONDITIONNEW CUSTOMCOLORBlack ORIGINJinanPRECISION10 渭m WARRANTY1 YEARSTANDARDDIN, GB, ASME,JIS… PACKAGINGCustom Export PackageCERTIFICATEISO9001, CE… PAYMENT ITEMT/T, LC...KEY WORDmineral casting, polymer concrete MATERIAL ORIGINJinan, China; India; South AficaTECHNICAL SUPPORTInpsection& Calibration& Assembly PRICEEXW, FOB, CIF, DAP, CPT...SERVICEDesign drawings HIGH END聽 聽 聽 聽 聽ADVANCED聽 聽 聽 聽 聽ULTRA-HIGH PRECISION聽 聽 聽 聽 聽GUARANTEE 1. Who are we? UNPARALLELED starts 1896, has the most advanced measuring and inspection equipment. We can manufacture a variety of ultra-high precision mechanical components for high-end machines. 2. What material does UNPRALLELED choose? Black Granite. UNPARALLELED has tested many kinds of granite material in all over the world. 3. Why should you buy from us? Only UNPARALLELED can offer warranty of 1 year for the precision of each product. 4. We want to purchase one set this time, is this ok? OK. 5. Does UNPARALLELED offer Authoritative Inspection Report? UNPARALLELED has the most advanced measuring devices. UNPARALLELED all measuring equipment have the calibration report. More information please contact: info@unparalleled-group.com 1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24hours 2.Professional manufacture,welcom to visit our factory. 3.OEM/ODM available: (1)Paint logo on the product. (2)Customized product according your drawings. 4.Any your idea on product we can help you to design and provide drawings. 5.High quality,practical designs,reasonable & competitive price, fast lead time.Mineral Casting website:http://www.unparalleled-group.com/ultra-precision-mechanical-components/mineral-casting/

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